Austin Texas Birthday Lifestyle Session

February 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

In home lifestyle sessions are quickly becoming my absolute favorite thing to shoot.  I thrive on connections and home is the place for most where their connections seem to be the most natural and real.  It's so easy to connect in a space that is all your own and reflects who you are.  We all love a pretty picture, myself as much as the next person, but these days I feel like we're all looking to get a little something more from our photographs.  Lifestyle gives that something more.  So the big questions is....


The #1 reason people aren't booking lifestyle sessions is because they believe their house isn't good enough or pretty enough or light enough or whatever enough.  I'm here to tell you that belief couldn't be further the truth.  In fact, these things probably actually make your pictures even a bit more interesting.

So to prove my point I bring you the sweetest birthday session you ever did see that just so happened to take place in a 660 square foot apartment.  That's right, under 700 square feet of challenging light just bursting with love and adorableness.  Is that even a word?  Who cares?  The adorableness was off the charts and a puppy even got a bath in a kitchen sink.  Seriously the cutest little session ever.

Southwest Austin Sweetheart Session

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Remember Wes and Shannon from back in the spring?  I stopped by one evening to grab "a quick photo" with them and their pup Sadie as they said goodbye to her.  It was the sweetest thing and I was so happy to be able to gift them with this beautiful memory of Sadie.

Well now they're moving.  The house is sold, the boxes are starting to fill up and a new piece of property awaits just a few miles down the road.  It's an amazing adventure they are embarking on, but first we needed to take the time to celebrate their very first home together as a married couple.  You can't take it with you, but I think we found an even better way to remember what this time of their life was like.  Congratulations to my beautiful friends on the next adventure.

This type of session is perfect or so many things:  Engagements, Anniversaries, Valentines Day, Leaving Old Homes, New Homes, Celebrating Life Before Kids, or Because You Feel Like it

Welcome Sweet Baby Michael

January 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I'm completely in love with this Southwest Austin Texas Lifestyle Newborn Photo Session.  Sweet Michael came from the week of super enthusiastic dads.  It's like every family photographer's dream.  To top it all off Michael has the most calm mom on earth who I'm pretty sure is going handle this mom thing like a boss.  If I'm remembering post kid number one correctly (but I've really tried to block that whole thing out) there is no way you'd find me 2 weeks post baby handling life like this momma.  I was a mess, my kid was a mess, my house was a mess, and I seriously thought I'd never sleep again yet here these parents are completely owning this whole parenting thing.  Mom goals.  Client goals.  Seriously.  

Welcome Sweet Baby Parker

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I met Parker's mom while working in the Governor's office and was a fan from day 1.  It was so easy to see why she was in a ridiculous amount of wedding in about a 2 year timespan.  She's a genuinely beautiful person and so easy to like.  Parker is such a lucky little girl to have this woman as her momma.  

When Kate invited me into her home make Parker's newborn photos, it was basically everything I could ever ask for as a photographer.  There was so much love to capture here on top of the sweetest little eclectic nursery I've ever seen.  I seriously couldn't ask for better subjects in a better setting.  This little family was just perfect for lifestyle newborn photography.


The Dranguet Family

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It took us a bit to get a not rainy date for photos with the Dranguet Family, but we got it (barely).  Generally I like to shoot in the evening with beautiful backlit golden light, but we just weren't going to get that so we made beautiful images on an overcast day instead.  I couldn't be happier with how this session turned out.  Three kids can sometimes be a challenge and it was, but each one had their own unique personality and I enjoyed getting to capture that with each one through my photos.   To me it's beautiful how all of those personalities come together to form one loving and so blessed family.  I had such an amazing time exploring Circle C Metro Park with the Dranguet Family.  It's the perfect place for outdoor family photos in Austin, Texas.