Moments in Motherhood: Let's Do This

October 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I'm currently participating in an online photography class called Moments in Motherhood by Mae Burke.  The whole concept of this is somethng I'm ready to dive in and explore.  As moms, we find we're not in the picture.  If you come across one of Saida and I, it's likely an iphone selfie.  Kids change your focus from you to them and all the sudden mom is lost (they're totally worth it).  I want to make pictures that honor moms.  Are your kids still in them?  Sure, but you and your view becomes the focus.  I can't wait to find some moms and get this journey started.

In the meantime one of the exercises that I worked on for the course is 15-20 minutes of shooting the details of my child and/or the details around my home where she has left her mark.  The things moms notice.  Below is my submission.


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