A Two Year Old and an Old Point and Shoot

September 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

While cleaning out the guest room in preparation to make it a nursery we found my old point and shoot.  Saida was thrilled and immediately claimed it as her own.  Sure thing kid, it's yours.  A couple days later I had an engagment session for a friend on which she made sure to pack her camera as well and while on that shoot she was supplied with some fresh AA batteries and voila, 2 year old with a working point and shoot.  My life will never the be same.  Good thing the kid doesn't know how to upload them to facebook or anything yet or the interwebs would be scarred for life.

I did always say I wanted to teach my kids photography from a young age.  I can't quite let go of my old Nikon D80 because it would be perfect for learning.  In the meantime this old Sony will have to do.  


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