Ewald Twins: Newborn Session

August 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The idea of newborn twins is seriously terrifying to me... especially after you already have one kid... and this family already had two.  So yes, they now have 4 kids.  I love them, all of them, but please don't ever ask me to babysit.  I have a teaching degree.  I can do 20 five year olds, but 2 infants?  Just no.  Melissa may just be one of the best and strongest mothers I know.  She is seriously amazing.  If mothering children were an olympic sport, she's got the gold for America.  And for the record, I really would babysit, just pick them up by 9pm.  

Congrats to the Ewald family on their beautiful additions.  They are in for a lifetime of no dull moments and pretty amazing memories.  I'm so happy I got to help kick off documenting those memories.

All the more to love.



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