Mr. Maddox: Mommy and Me Photography

August 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Well if this boy doesn't steal your heart, something is seriously wrong.  My goodness this boy has some killer eyes and a smile that makes you want to tickle him until you just can't make him laugh any longer. Seriously adorable.  

Maddox is just about a year younger than my oldest so hanging with this little dude and his momma was my jam.  I love watching kids this age explore the world around them, but always come back to momma for home base.  And he has a pretty amazing momma.  I've known Elizabeth for quite some time now, but after spending the evening with just her and Maddox, I feel like we had the opportunity to connect on a level we've not had the opportunity to connect on before.  She is so beautiful in so many ways.  It's so special to me to have been able to document the connection and love these two have for each other.  That bond between mom and her first or mom and her little guy is so precious.  So incredibly precious...


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