Voges Family: Saying Goodbye to Sadie

August 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Recently our good friends found out their sweet puppy had cancer.  Unfortunately there really wasn't anything they could do for Sadie except love her and cherish each remaining moment until her day came.  When they could tell that day was very near, I got a text asking if I had time to stop by for a quick photo becasue they just needed one good one of them with Sadie in her last days.  I can't imagine the pain that comes with letting go of the first life you raised with the love of your life.  I couldn't think of anything else I'd rather do in that moment then give them the gift of photography, a memory they could keep forever, evidence of the love they have/had for each other in such a tough time.  But I certainly wasn't going to take just one photo.  I wanted to photograph the love and joy that filled Wes and Shannon because of Sadie and hope I told that story with these photographs.  Below is a message from Shannon after receiving her images:

"Oh my gosh Monica, these are so amazing.  I wanted one photo to put in a frame and now I'm going to print a book! Thanks so much for doing this.  It is so special to me.  It's silly, but me and this dog have been through a lot of life and a lot of changes together.  I've haven't been an adult without her.  Your photos are amazing as usual.  Thanks again."

It's so not silly.  Any dog lover totally gets it.  



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