My Own Crazy Kiddos

September 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Today I'm blogging my own kiddos.  The sun wasn't quite how I wanted it, but we had a moment so we packed up the kids and hauled them down the street to a neighborhood park.  Had I been taking photos from a slightly different perspective, you would have seen a really awesome portable toilet mixed in with the neighborhood construction just behind where we were shooting.  

I love these opportunities though.  It gives me a chance to change things up and try something new without having to worry if it'll work or not.  I actually wasn't sure this little mini session was working.  Corbin had a sour face half the time and Saida had better things to do.  I imagine I felt how most moms usually feel during a photo session including their children.  I imagine moms are thinking "How in the world is there even a cute picture of my kids?  They're acting the crazy people", but you know what, there are always some pretty great photos to work with.  


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