Thatcher Buda: A Small Business Lifestyle Session

August 20, 2017  •  1 Comment

I haven't blogged in nearly 6 months.  Life has been a bit crazy between kids and new house and all that comes with it and I've wondered if I even still want a blog on my website.  Yesterday's session was my clear answer.  Yes!!!  I do still want a blog!!!!  Plus my sister-in-law says she likes it when I write so Krista, this one is for you.  

Not all that far back, somewhere between Summer Moon and Donut Palace on Buda's Main Street, I passed a window display that left much to the imagination.  There was paper blocking the view to the inside of the building, something new was going here, and I was kind of excited about the cute little logo in the bay window and the name Thatcher.  Surely that little circle with the house inside it meant it was something to do with the home and I could only hope it would be a cool little shop.  I found the Instagram page and instantly fell in love.  Naturally I followed because who wouldn't. Then last week I got an Instagram direct message from Mel singing my praises and asking if I'd like to be part of their Grand Opening.  "Events" usually aern't my deal, but I saw this as so much more than that.  They loved what I did and just wanted me to come in and do what I do. I wanted to be part of this, but I honestly had no idea it would be so beautiful and expertly curated.  Mel and Laura are the real deal.

I was blown away as I stepped through the door.  It smelled amazing.  The tables were were perfectly set with candles, books, beautiful and natural cleaners, organic linens, glassware, pottery, and wooden home goods.  And don't even get me started on the vintage green couch.  My first thought was "my goodness, who wouldn't want to spend everyday right here? This is so gorgeous."  And then there were these awesome women who were so excited to see and meet me (ME!) and I knew we had something very, very special here in this little town.  Y'all, words don't do it justice!  Words can't give you the warmth these women do as you enter this space they've carefully created.  You have to go.  There really isn't two ways about it.  

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Maggie Gillespie, Buda Main Street(non-registered)
You captured the shop so perfectly! Thank you for helping spread the word about our wonderful downtown and all it has to offer.
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